World Championship officially starts Thursday, July 12th through Saturday, July 21st. Players must arrive in Israel Saturday, July 7th for pre-tournament camp and depart Sunday, July 22nd. Players with jobs must take two full working weeks off based on this schedule. Final 23 man roster will be announced mid-March in order to give you ample time to make all necessary arrangements. Players should not book any travel now.



MDNT Camps will start in September and follow a similar setup as before. Attendance requirements will be based on days present (not weekends). We will have 12 days of tryouts (six camps), with a minimum attendance requirement of 8 full days for any player, living in Holland interested in going to the worlds. MDNT Camp schedule is below.

MDNT Camps continue to welcome players not interested in joining the team during the tryout period.



ICT will be selected at the end of the tryout period in February and has no set roster size.

Read more about the ICT here.

Upon selection of the ICT, you will need to start fund raising immediately. If an ICT player is not selected for the 23 man WC roster, he can apply all fundraising earned towards credit for future ICT tournaments and MDNT camps.

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New players interested in MDNT living outside of The Netherlands must come to one try-out weekend of your choosing in Zwolle. You must notify the coaching staff of your intent to try-out and which try-out weekend you’ll attend (mdntlax@gmail.com). It’s imperative to check your eligibility prior to traveling to Zwolle. You must pay for travel expenses and acknowledge that a spot on the roster is not guaranteed, even after attending try-outs. We will make a decision to add you to the WC roster after: your attendance, the ICT is selected, and all other players are evaluated.

Veteran players living outside of The Netherlands that have recently been on a MDNT tournament team are not required to try-out in Zwolle. You need to notify in writing your interest in joining for the WCs (mdntlax@gmail.com). Depending on the situation and length of time since you last wore orange, we may require you to travel to Zwolle. This will be on a case-by-case basis by the coaching staff. We hope all of you will join a camp regardless, it’s a great way to meet the team and experience firsthand the ethos of our program. We will make a decision to add you to the WC roster after the ICT is selected and all other players are evaluated.

We expect all players to achieve a minimum fitness requirement (to be disclosed at a later time) prior to the worlds.



The final roster will consist of 23 of the best players, pulled from the ICT and abroad. The coaching staff will decide on the final roster by mid-March. Note that all ICT players and some non-passport holders will need to serve as alternates in case of last minute changes to the original 23 man roster.


Check here.



All players must settle payments and fees prior to the start of the tournament. We will do our best to minimize costs, but expect fees to be ~3,000 euros per player (excluding sponsorships). We want to emphasize again that this is a tentative estimation. We will strive to reduce the fees as much as possible through sponsorships and will provide specifics at a later date. For players that consider financing an impediment for joining , please let us know and we’ll explore options with you. We don’t want financing to a barrier for anyone.


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Sat Sun Notes Location
September 30 1 MDNT CAMP. Tryouts Zwolle
October 21 22 MDNT CAMP. Tryouts Zwolle
November 11 12 MDNT CAMP. Tryouts Zwolle
December 9 10 MDNT CAMP. Tryouts Zwolle
January 27 28 MDNT CAMP. Tryouts Zwolle
February 17 18 MDNT CAMP. Tryouts Zwolle
February ICT selected
March 3 4 MDNT CAMP. ICT only on Sunday Zwolle
March WC roster set
March 24 25 MDNT CAMP. ICT only on Sunday Zwolle
April 21 22 MDNT CAMP. ICT only on Sunday Zwolle
April 29 MDNT alumni game vs ICT + BBQ after TBD
May 12 13 weekend tournament w/ICT TBD
June 1 3 ICT to scrimmage a D1 team Barcelona